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Replace Your Pain With Peace


My name is Joseph and I continue to receive many gifts from the divine. My "soul" purpose in life, my soul's mission, is to awaken, heal and enlighten as many souls as I am given the honor to work through. I have worked with many persons who came to me depressed, confused, frustrated, hurt, angry and lost. The connection I share with each client enables them to start and continue to clear away their fears and allow their deepest dreams, wishes and desires to be manifested in their lives as true reality.

Stated simply, I am an open vessel through which divine energy travels and is transferred to each soul I touch. All my energy is sparked and generated and increased by love, joy, harmony, trust, support and ease.

The results of my touch and energy healing sessions is the removal of your pain in any form and a feeling of peace, even bliss.

You will be a little dizzy and "high on energy" after I touch you, but prior to leaving, I will clear, ground and give you a loving energy hug. The hug is non-negotiable! :-)

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Contact Joseph at:
(310) 497-1904

Monday - Sunday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
2330 Overland Ave, LA, CA 90064

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