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Understanding the “Down” Times in Our Lives

Down Time Article


Understanding the “Down” Times in Our Lives

It’s been a while since I posted to my healing website and social media accounts.  The reason why?  I have been completely focused on working a regular 9-5 job.  But even during these down times when I am not healing people, I still learn.  The job is going great by the way!

I have learned the down times come by design so we can rest and recharge.  I teach this principle to my clients as many come to me “down” or depressed.  It seems easier for them to deal with the down times when I share that all people go through them on a regular basis, but few actually verbalize their experience.   We all tend to think we’re going through something alone and no one can understand our situation.  In reality, if you share your experience you will more often be surprised to hear others have or are experiencing exactly what you have described.

Interestingly, I continue to observe the lack of clients and people contacting me as perfect for the time in which I presently live.  I’m working hard and have little free time.  I know I do not have time to heal as often as I once did, but I miss the process.  What truly surprises me is the moment I notice I’m not being contacted, I ask the universe to send me clients and they appear out of nowhere, or so I think.  This week in fact I had two different people schedule with me with no prior notice.  Over the weekend I had been thinking about the slow down in my healing practice and said out loud, “Angels, Spirits and Powers that be, thank you for bringing me healing clients,” already knowing the words I put into the universe would receive a reply.  Sure enough I had a client schedule for Monday and another scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday. Before that, I’ve seen weeks without a client.

Why am I sharing this with you?  I share this because we all go through down times when everything isn’t flowing as we wish.  One could choose to be depressed about it, or one could choose to savor the lower activity levels, rest and rejuvenate with the knowledge that busier times are coming.

In other words, it’s up to you how you view each moment of your existence and how you choose to react to each and every experience in your amazing life.  You can choose to be mad, angry, afraid and simply depressed or you can choose to be happy, content, at ease and live each day with love and joy in your heart.  Is it easy?  Not at first.  However, once you decide to feel better it will become easier from that first moment you make a conscious decision to be happy and act upon it.  I was depressed for seven years as I battled forces beyond my control and I am now extremely happy living a life of mental ease.  How did I do it?  I surrendered to the universe and sought help everywhere I could get it.  I was not shy about feeling depressed; I shared it openly trying so desperately to find a glimmer of light.  In the beginning, I did not realize I was going through depression.

Then, over four years ago I was touched by a healer who removed my neck and back pain in two weeks.  During my visits, I was told I was a healer and asked if I knew so.  I answered yes, but all I truly knew was that unexplained phenomena occurred around me quite often throughout my life.  I started healing people in supermarkets, over the phone and even at golfing events.  That’s when a friend pointed out to me that strangers were walking up to me complaining of pain and I would heal them.  I then learned he would go and ask them why they walked up to me.  Their replies which he shared with me were, they had no idea why but knew I could help.

You see, the truth resides in all of our hearts.  You simply just know it because you feel it.   I cannot tell you how many people have denied the insights I have shared with them only to turn around shortly after and admit I was correct, but they weren’t ready to face their own truths.

So, my loving advice to you is to face your fears, face your demons and make the conscious choice to be at ease.  If you don’t know how to, go online and research energy healers, mediums and the like to find a person with whom you resonate.  Pick the person you “feel” most comfortable with and search your feelings to see if you just simply know they are the right person for you.

You cannot put a price on happiness, but I’ve seen more people spend their money on drugs, alcohol and physical items chasing an intangible goal they can never achieve.  Instead of investing in the most precious commodity they can have, “loving themselves”; they are constantly looking in all the wrong places for peace.  The only place one will discover peace is by looking inward, not outward.

If interested, I do offer free 30 minute introductory phone discussions and to be honest, I give more than just the thirty minutes.  More importantly, my clients are armed with the mental, emotional and spiritual tools necessary to find and maintain an amazing life experience.   If you wish to contact me and schedule a 30 minute free phone discussion, please click this link which takes you to the appropriate page of the light Soul Energy website:

Even after writing all this, I’m not 100% sure why I wrote it.  That’s because spirit speaks to me knowing what you need to see and hear.  I wrote this for you, yes you…the reader of this article, but I was guided by that which knows better than we do.  So please reach out, and let’s get you where you truly deserve to be; happy and content, living a life of mental and emotional ease.   The best part is you will be in less physical pain than you ever imagined was possible.

Namaste dear souls!


A Special Gift for You – The Gift of Peace of Mind


Holiday Gift from CA
I find it interesting that the picture I chose with beautiful clouds and a marvelous sunset is somewhat offset by the sign stating No Stopping Anytime….How apropos for this post! :-)


A Special Gift for You – The Gift of Peace of Mind

I really wanted to give you a special gift today.  After all, you’re taking the time to read this, so let’s make sure you get the most out of it.  First off, “Happy holidays!” No matter what holiday you celebrate, everyone loves a good gift.  So from the bottom of my heart, and shared with love, here is my gift to you; the gift of peace of mind.

I have come to realize that so many people never quiet their mind in their entire life.  That constant barrage of thoughts, worry, aggravation and background chatter can literally make one insane and very depressed.  It is my duty to share lessons and techniques that have been shared with me through energetic channels of communication.  I teach this method of clearing the mind to all my clients and then walk them through a breathing and meditation lesson after.  One cannot truly meditate with a cluttered mind.  Trying to meditate in such a mental state will only lead to an overload of thoughts erroneously leading the person to believe they cannot meditate.  Many of my clients have stated similar doubts, but all were able to perform the visualization I am about to share.

Let’s first get you in the right physical state.  Go find a private place where you can be alone and sit comfortably.  If you live in a small apartment with five other people, go lock yourself in the bathroom or walk to your nearest park or a place where you can be alone.  Next it’s important that you can sit comfortably, but not too comfortable that you fall asleep.  Keep your mind sharp and alert.  Now, touch the tip of your thumb to your index finger and middle finger at the same time. All three fingers should be touching while the ring finger and pinky are uninvolved. Do this with both hands. This connection in the fingers sparks an electrical impulse in the body as we are electrical beings.  Our bodies create electrical current; interestingly it is quite strong in the heart, the place where we derive our energetic connection to spirit.  In past posts I have mentioned the key to vibrating at higher frequencies is to feel love and joy in your heart.  I find it more than a “coincidence” that the location where we derive divine connection also contains electrical energy.

Now, this next part you must visualize.  Sure, it’s a lot easier when I am sitting next to you telling you what to do, but for your situation read my explanation first, then close your eyes and perform the visualization of it.  If you find that too difficult to do, read out loud the description below into your phone or recorder and play it back to yourself with your eyes closed and three fingers touching.

“Picture yourself floating 50.000 feet above the earth in big, fluffy beautiful clouds.  There is nothing there with you; just you and the clouds.  You feel light, then weightless as you float in the clouds.  As you float there, you see a large box in front of you that is one hundred feet wide, deep and long. The box is made of steel five feet thick on every wall and there is a trap door at the top that only you can open and close.”

“Now visualize every person you know on the face of this earth and place them into the box.  This means everyone; loved ones, friends, relatives, people you may not like and everyone in between. Open the trap door and put them all in the box!  Now…when you’re ready, take every thought and idea you have, pull them out of yourself and throw them into the box!  Finally, take every unwanted emotion you feel, pull it out of yourself and throw it into the box.  You should now be completely free of thoughts, emotion and clutter.  If anything remains, throw it in the box.  On a few occasions I have been told a client filled the box. Well guess what?  You have an unlimited amount of boxes! Now, close the trap door and simply release the box, watching it fall away from you taking with it any thoughts of people, ideas or emotions.  Sit there with your eyes closed focusing on the emptiness, appreciating the feeling of calmness and ease in your mind

Some people cannot keep this state of nothingness in their minds, so for those of you who are having difficulty, I suggest you picture the smallest object you can picture and keep in your mind consistently.  It could be for example a grain of sand, a blade of grass or a marble; just make it something very small with few to no features. From this point you can move into a meditation routine of your choosing or write me if you want me to share the one I use. The key thing I advocate in a meditation is a 100% clear mind accompanied by long deep breaths in and out with extreme focus on how the breath feels at is enters and leaves your body. Be mindful of where the breath goes in your body.  Then visualize the in-breath as it is accompanied by light and healing energy going to all your cells filling your entire being with light.  Visualize the out-breath as taking out dark energy and unwanted feelings of sickness and imbalance.

I hope you find these visualizations useful and if you truly wish to see positive change in your life, practice them daily in the morning and evening. You should attempt to breathe and meditate for up to 20 minutes per session with a completely clear mind.  If done properly, this could be the best gift you have ever received.  I hope it is!

I would truly love to hear your feedback on how it worked for you.  Feel free to comment here or on my Facebook page Light Soul Energy .

May you be happy, content and living a life of ease in the “NOW”.

With Love,


P.S. If you find yourself unable to stop worrying, please contact me as I can easily educate you in a thought process that will allow you to stop all that unnecessary worry.  Worry helps nothing, taking action helps everything.  Take action and help yourself!  It hurts me to know people are torturing themselves with no understanding of how to stop.

Give Love for the Holidays

Give Love for the Holiday

Give Love For The Holidays

Remember to be especially understanding and loving during the holidays. For many of us it is the time we spend with friends and family, often people we don’t see on a regular basis. This is your opportunity to set a positive tone for the year to come. So when Uncle/Aunt Annoying or Cousin/In-Law Doofy do the same thing that has annoyed you for the past decade(s), embrace it with love. Look past the normal landscape of life you have become accustomed to and pick out the beauty you may normally take for granted.  Take that opportunity to show them you are there for them and that your love and support supersedes your knee jerk reactions. Your kindness may be the only support they receive for weeks or even months.  Be the light you wish to see in others! Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.

Surrendering to the Synchronicity of Life

Surrendering to the Synchronicity of Life

Surrendering to the Synchronicity of Life…

I’ve noticed something occurring in my life with ever increasing frequency.  Whenever I have an appointment or a task I simply don’t feel like doing at the scheduled time, someone or something will reschedule it for me at a more convenient time.  I’ll have an appointment, much like the one I had recently set for 4:30pm.  At 4:15pm I finally finished everything I had to do that day except shower after golfing and only left myself with 15 minutes of free time before my client arrived.  I never thought about changing the appointment, yet the most perfect moment presented itself.  As I walked into the house with my mobile phone in hand, the 4:30pm client called me and asked if we could move the appointment to 90 minutes later.  I of course replied, “No problem”.  Now I had time to shower and calm my mind to prepare for their arrival.  This convenient time rescheduling is happening quite often .

Why is it occurring? I have found the more one is connected to the universe and is consciously aware of that connection, and that individual allows the universe/spirit guides to take over, then they make a better choice for us than we could ourselves.   This is the key to understanding the expression of surrendering oneself to G-d, divinity, the universe or whatever omnipotent power in which you believe.   This letting go and loving all things allows you to vibrate at a higher frequency which should be your ultimate goal in this lifetime.

You have to be in a very free state of mind, completely living in the present moment with all your being.  I refer to this concept as living in the now ala Eckhart Tolle.  If your mind is wandering, playing over painful events from the past, worrying about the future, or simply absent from what is going on right in front of you, then you are NOT living in the NOW. You may ask, how do I live in the NOW?  To start, I suggest you begin to observe what you call coincidences.  Notice how often they happen and note them.  Do not let a coincidence pass you by without participating in it.  One might think that’s an odd statement, but when a “coincidence” occurs, look at it and question it.  Why did it occur?  When you bump into someone you know or recently met, you call it a coincidence.  Did you impart information to the other party?  Did they impart information to you?  Then the next thing to do is to realize those coincidences are not coincidences, but they are small miracles happening in your every day life.  There is a synchronicity to the world/universe that will happen in your life if you allow it to and don’t fight it.  Trying to control your life and everything around you is the definition of fighting that synchronicity.  You have to surrender to it.  How do you surrender to it?  Live in the present moment and do it with love and joy.  I recently spoke with a person who is in Alcoholics Anonymous and they said they were instructed to simply look down at their shoes to stay in the present moment.  A client of mine confirmed it worked for him as well.  Try it!

Another method in which you can vibrate at a higher frequency is to give of yourself freely with no expectation of receiving anything in return.  I recently did this by working with a client who could not afford to pay me, this weekend.  Immediately after, two paying clients appeared out of nowhere and each visited with me this week.  I did not help the first person with the expectation of receiving anything in return, I did it for my love of mankind and wish to help any and all souls which are in pain or are lost.  The synchronicity of life is simply beautiful.

If you’d like to learn more about manifesting your destiny and getting off your path of pain and onto your path of ease, please feel free to reach out with questions.  It is always my honor and pleasure to help. Namaste dear souls!

Integrated Energy Therapy – A Prayer from Angel Ariel



Integrated Energy Therapy – A Prayer from Angel Ariel

Every once in a while we need to be reminded that we are not alone and that we are loved.  At times, when things are the most difficult to handle, we tend to put ourselves into a downward spiral often finding it difficult or impossible to pull out of the dive.

I’ve actually been feeling good this year.  Definitely a better year for me emotionally, spiritually and mentally, in spite of the massive natural disasters and political uproar we are experiencing.

Back in January of 2014 I discovered my gifts of healing and connection to the beyond.  I healed my wife of her migraines and she has not had once since.  The only instruction I received was from a healer/friend who said: “The next time someone presents with pain, ask their permission to place your hands on them and do what comes natural”.  I then went crazy with my new found gifts and helped everyone I could, most of the time in public locations and free of charge.  Several months after, I thought I should study something so I could give people tangible information they could use, so I studied and became a Master-Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T.).  Originally, I went to study Reiki, but the instructor I met was a master in both and suggested I.E.T. over Reiki because I.E.T. does not take energy from the healer.

So, I signed up with The Center of Being created by Stevan Thayer and learned healing angels not only exist, but are here to help us every step of the way.  Their healing power is simply amazing and so simple to connect with.  Honestly, if you had told me about this prior to 2014, I probably would have thought you were a nice person, but a crackpot.  I now know otherwise and view it as a gift to be able to share universal knowledge and healing with as many souls as I can.

With that in mind, I want to share with you a prayer from Angel Ariel that was just shared with all of the I.E.T. healers and instructors via The Center of Being’s newsletter.  I truly did not think anything of it until I read it and then I was lit up with energy.  Not everyone will feel the same thing, but I believe their is love in sharing such knowledge and experiences, so this is me sending you love through Angel Ariel’s prayer:  “I live in a universe made of love, every facet of my being is love, please help me heal all the reasons that I still feel so unloved and alone.”  Now, I do not feel unloved or alone, yet this prayer still affected me, even again as I typed it just now.

Since I am sharing, here is a personal message from Angel Ariel:

“Prosperity is measured in love, wealth, health, well-being, joy, harmony and enthusiasm.  The path to your highest prosperity is to follow your heart and live your dream.” (IWA 330)

Isn’t that beautiful?  I wasted most of my life not living my dreams, but simply trying to make a living.  Trust me, following your dreams can and will make you a much happier person. When you are doing what you love, the money just follows.

Wishing each reader of this post love and joy in your heart.  You are never alone! Namaste dear souls!

The Power of Hope

HOPE pic

The Power of Hope

Few things in this world are as important as hope.  Hope is what drives us, keeps us motivated and even sparks creativity.  Without hope, getting through the next hour or even the day becomes too difficult a task.

There is something happening now on earth.  People are losing hope.  I have received more calls, scheduled numerous appointments and accepted more 30 minute free introductory conversations than ever before.  The underlying issue of each potential client who has contacted me is their loss of hope in their lives.  In past posts I have addressed how difficult life has become; particularly earning an income that can actually support a desired lifestyle.  You may recall me stating, “Nowadays, you have to be extraordinary to be ordinary”.  In times of economic hardship, you have to look inward and appreciate what you have, and not what is lacking.  Focus on the moment in which you are living and stop worrying about the future.  If you act accordingly now, your worry will diminish about the future. We lose hope when we get sick, are in pain, or have been trying a long time at accomplishing something to no avail.

So, the big questions is, how do I get my hope back?  How do I ignite the flame inside me so I can move forward?  Well, the first step is to admit you have lost your hope.  Denying your reality will only slow or stop your healing process. The next aspect is to realize your hope is about the future.  Eckhart Tolle (a modern day sage) teaches us about living in the “now”.  He does this because it is our human impulse to worry about the future. He addresses self-imposed worry quite well offering solutions to your self-created torture.  Please go back and read my earlier post named The Power of Living in the Present Moment or click here.

Pick up the book The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle.

I have been successfully getting people back on track.  It takes love, support, energy and a great deal of dialogue with clients.  With that said, I am truly amazed at the results and how quickly people turn around their attitudes from one of hopelessness to one of positive belief in themselves.

If you have lost your hope, I’m here to share that you can get it back.  First, admit you have an issue that you cannot solve alone and then reach out for help.  One of the first things I do with each of my clients during a session is to commend them for showing up.  You would be amazed how many people admit they have an issue, cannot solve it themselves and then fail to follow through on any action to make it better.  That is a fear based mentality that drives hope into darkness.  It may seem like I am promoting myself, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Any true healer knows their power comes from their love and compassion for others.  I actually find it difficult to be around people in pain without offering a solution or simply healing them with energy.  I’m promoting all healing modalities.  Try something, try anything, but try something you have never done before.  The world is changing faster than humans can comprehend. Accompanied with those changes is the need for a new set of thought principles.  How many of you reading this post realize that emotional, mental and spiritual trauma actually physically wind up those experiences in your body causing you pain?  I have proved it to be true with all of my clients.   Every client thinks they are in physical pain and can tell me exactly when it started.  After reviewing their history, we always trace it back to a traumatic event or a series of events.

Hope is always there.  You just have to believe it, hold onto it, value it, and work towards your goals.  Life is like a sine wave; sometimes you’re up and other times you’re down, but you are always on your path.  Cherish the journey.

Namaste dear souls!

Manifest Your Destiny and Change Your Life Forever

Manifest Your Destiny Clouds

Manifest Your Destiny and Change Your Life Forever

My sincerest apologies for not posting lately, but I recently accepted a position at a very cool technologically advanced company.  Been spending my time learning their processes and it’s simply amazing. The reason I am writing is to share with all of you who are looking for work, how I landed this job. Or in other words, how to manifest your destiny!

I spent months filling in employment applications at multiple online recruiting sites. I won’t even tell you how many resumes and cover letters I wrote, but those of you in the hunt know it’s a full time job. Sure, I received emails back thanking me for my interest, but never was I called in for an interview. I had been quite successful in my previous positions and was looking to continue in the same industry.

So, I got fed up. I decided to manifest what I wanted in this world to be my reality. I used energy, focus and gifts to guide me. I spoke out loud the words that needed to be said to place them into this universe. One day shortly after deciding to change my world, I noticed a person had looked at my profile on LinkedIn. I’ve had many people look at my profile in the past, but this time something made me go look them up.

I first researched the person, then their company, then their product.  I liked what they were doing so I called the owner directly.  He was kind enough to show me his product and I in turn said I thought I might have a client for him.  That led to an in-person meeting with the SVP of Sales and Marketing.  We hit it off and the rest is history.

Now I could have continued to do the same thing I had done over and over again expecting a different result, but isn’t that the exact definition of insanity?  Times are tough for everyone, don’t let anyone fool you.  If you have been knocking your head against a wall trying to accomplish something; change your perspective.  Trust in yourself and ask the universe for help.  Actually say your request out loud, in a respectful manner as if it has already been granted to you.  I hope you will come back and share comments about your experiences.  This is nothing new, it’s actually quite an old practice.  If you would like to email me with questions, feel free to do so at

I leave you with this: To get something you’ve never had in your life, you must do something you have never done in your life.  Wishing you only the best today, tomorrow and always.

Namaste dear souls!

Moving forward with a Praying Mantis

Multi Frame

Moving forward with a Praying Mantis

A couple of days ago I was running out to have dinner with my family.  Just before we left, I walked into the backyard for no apparent reason, at least none of which I was aware.  As I stepped outside I noticed this rather odd looking insect trying to make its way across the recently cleaned and waxed hood of my daughter’s car.   The insect, which I believe is one of over 2,000 species of praying mantis appeared to be having a hard time walking as it hesitantly moved across the hood, stopped to get its balance and then continued moving towards some invisible destination.

As I stood there watching it, I asked myself, what the heck is that?  It looked like a praying mantis, but never had I seen such a big wide back which turned up towards the sky on any praying mantis before.  I had seen many pictures of pregnant praying mantis, but nothing looked like this. I could still see the difficult time it had walking on the smooth paint, so I placed my hand in front of it so it could climb aboard.

The praying mantis stopped its movement immediately and just froze in position.  It was then that it occurred to me I should share healing energy with it so it would know I was here to help.  I’m realizing healing energy which has love and joy as part of its components is a universal language.  That might be the most important and profound sentence of this post!  I focused my energy in the form of love for this creature and said in my mind, “It’s OK, I’m here to help you.  Get on my hand and I will move you off this car and onto a tree.”  I couldn’t believe it, but just after I shared about 5 seconds of energy and my message with my new friend, she stood up on her back legs, stepped forward and climbed right up onto my fingertips.  She actually looked back at me before we started to walk together towards the tree.  Prior to the sharing of the energy, she didn’t want to get any closer to my hand.  Then, when we arrived at the tree, the praying mantis hesitated to leave my hand.  In my mind and out loud I said, “It’s OK, you’ll be much safer on this tree”.  Right then and there, she stepped off me and onto the tree, but didn’t move.  So I thought again and said, “You’re fine, just go and live.”  And can you believe she started climbing right up that tree, at that very moment?

In the years leading up to the discovery of my healing and psychic abilities, unexplained phenomena occurred.  Too many coincidences way too often, a mass illusion of a bee hive at a park, knowing things that then happened days or weeks later and even a visitation from a recent dearly departed friend told me something was happening.  These occurrences opened my mind to the possibilities that there was more to life than meets the eye.  You know you’re special and that you have a specific purpose in life unique to you, but finding it and then acting upon it can be the most difficult thing you do in your lifetime.  Change is coming for all, and for many it has already made its visit.  Embrace that loving voice you hear inside yourself.  You are not weak, but strong for listening to and following it.  We are each a piece of the divine plan which has nothing to do with religion, but more of a spiritual knowledge and higher understanding.  This is what I mean when I refer to the concept of vibrating at a higher frequency.  It’s about the entire totality of mankind and the universe around us that conspires to help us along our path. We are in extraordinary times, often getting aid from beyond.  Now is the time to embrace what you truly know is right in your heart.  Make the best choices and do what is required of you as soon as you can, so you will come to experience a state of ease and contentment you never knew existed inside you.  Yes, there is often pain along your path, but without pain, you do not grow.  That is extremely important to understand.  Take your pain and make it a driving force to move forward and by doing so, you conquer it.  By facing your pain, it can no longer harm you therefore freeing you up to love and be content.

Maybe I only helped a praying mantis this week, but was the knowledge gained through that experience what I needed to graduate to my next level of love, joy, ease and consciousness?  Did that praying mantis inspire me to write this, hopefully inspiring you?  Moving forward is moving forward, no matter how large or small the steps.  Appreciate all your experiences, no matter their perceived importance as you are the sum total of all your experiences.

Energetically sending you warmth, joy and support!    May you feel them in your heart and soul!

The Bug Tale

The Bug Tale
It’s time to start sharing the wonderful events experienced on the road trip with my daughter last week. I’m going to call this the bug tale. On the last night of our trip we stopped and stayed in Sedona, AZ. It’s a magical place. So much so that I texted my wife that night to say I want to move there when our daughter graduates high school next year. Who knows if we’ll actually make the move, but that is how much I loved it there.
So, I’m sitting out on the balcony enjoying the evening when I look down and see this bug which looks like a cool striped beetle walking in a three foot circle over and over again. As I watch it looks like something is wrong with it. It even knocked itself onto it’s own back unable to get turned right side up. So at one point I helped it and came as close as it had all night. I’ve included pictures of each event with this post. The picture of it in front of my shoe is the moment it came the closest to me after I helped it.
Bug Near
Then it repeats its previous pattern of walking in that same three foot circle. I watch it do this several times before the idea to share healing energy with it just pops into my head. So I place my hand over the beetle and share energy with it for about 10-15 seconds. Then something amazing happened. That little guy walks right between my feet, I’m amazed because it hasn’t come that close to me all night. Then it continues to go under my shoe at which point I lifted my foot to allow it to continue. It just stopped and stayed as close as possible. I have to reiterate the fact that I was sitting out there for at least twenty minutes watching it walk in circles. It wasn’t until I shared energy with it that it felt comfortable enough to come sit by me.
Bug ApproachingBug Contact
Friends, we’re in a very special time in the universe and the history of mankind. We live in special times and we shape the future that is coming! It may not seem important to you, but you are of amazing importance to these changes. Be aware of your emotions and connections. Use that which is inside you to feel love and joy, ease and contentment. Only you can do this for yourself, but by doing so you will literally effect the chemistry of the world around you in a positive manner. Like the bug on the balcony, you can simply dismiss it, or engage it with love and support.

Do Your Part

Do Your Part

No matter how many times I remove an individual’s pain, it’s still a pleasant surprise to me.  It’s funny, I often found employment in the work force to become mundane after about six months of learning and performing the duties of the job.  I’d go in to work, manage, sell, forecast, negotiate, come up with creative packages and then go home.  Day after day, week after week, month after month, the same duties performed again and again.

This week I was at the local Ralph’s supermarket and the lady behind the deli counter is someone who has helped me at least twenty times previously.  She greets me and I reply “hello, how are you today?”  She replies “good” and then finishes a task before helping me. For some reason, (and I was aware I was doing it), I asked again, “How are you, how are you feeling?”  She then replied, “I’m actually in a lot of pain. My left shoulder really hurts and I can’t lift anything.”  I looked at her and replied, “Would you like some help with that pain?”  To which she immediately replied, “Are you a psychic?”  I laughed and said, “Actually, I am, but that is not the side of me I am offering, I am also a hands-on healer”.  She then walked out from behind the counter allowing me to meet her half way.  I asked her permission to place my hands on her and she replied “Yes please”. I then placed my hands on her for about 30 to 45 seconds and while doing so, I get confirmation from her that she has been under some pressure as of recent.  I have to be honest, and I don’t understand why, but I find myself thinking “Is this going to work?”  It’s a ridiculous question!  Each person I touch gets healed and experiences a feeling of peace.  Yet, here I doubt myself after literally healing hundreds of individuals.

Upon removing my hands, she started moving her entire left arm and shoulder in a circular motion.  I cautioned her to not search for the pain as her mind still believes the pain is still there.  She listened and walked back behind the deli counter.  At that moment, she started to say out loud in front of all the customers and co-workers, “I can move my arm, I can move my back, it doesn’t hurt and I feel so calm.”  She thanked me and I told her it was my pleasure. Then all the customers want to ask questions, but I can see them holding back. There is nothing better than having one of these unexpected encounters. There are no coincidences!  I think these moments serve to give strength to the energetic healer, the person receiving the energy and all those who witness it.  If we could just simply live our lives caring for those around us instead of being on the defense or worse, not communicating at all, the world would most certainly be a better place.

My words to you today are to be mindful and aware.  We are at such a special time in the history of mankind and we need to elevate ourselves to higher levels of compassion and love for our world, the animals, and for the living spirit inside each of us.  If we are all one, aren’t you helping yourself by helping another?  Think about it and try to do just one good deed a day.  Imagine if the billions of us did this on a daily basis.  We would experience positive world change almost immediately.  May the light of ease, harmony and contentment be ever present in your life.  Namaste perfect souls.  You are loved and cherished!