Do Your Part

Do Your Part

No matter how many times I remove an individual’s pain, it’s still a pleasant surprise to me.  It’s funny, I often found employment in the work force to become mundane after about six months of learning and performing the duties of the job.  I’d go in to work, manage, sell, forecast, negotiate, come up with creative packages and then go home.  Day after day, week after week, month after month, the same duties performed again and again.

This week I was at the local Ralph’s supermarket and the lady behind the deli counter is someone who has helped me at least twenty times previously.  She greets me and I reply “hello, how are you today?”  She replies “good” and then finishes a task before helping me. For some reason, (and I was aware I was doing it), I asked again, “How are you, how are you feeling?”  She then replied, “I’m actually in a lot of pain. My left shoulder really hurts and I can’t lift anything.”  I looked at her and replied, “Would you like some help with that pain?”  To which she immediately replied, “Are you a psychic?”  I laughed and said, “Actually, I am, but that is not the side of me I am offering, I am also a hands-on healer”.  She then walked out from behind the counter allowing me to meet her half way.  I asked her permission to place my hands on her and she replied “Yes please”. I then placed my hands on her for about 30 to 45 seconds and while doing so, I get confirmation from her that she has been under some pressure as of recent.  I have to be honest, and I don’t understand why, but I find myself thinking “Is this going to work?”  It’s a ridiculous question!  Each person I touch gets healed and experiences a feeling of peace.  Yet, here I doubt myself after literally healing hundreds of individuals.

Upon removing my hands, she started moving her entire left arm and shoulder in a circular motion.  I cautioned her to not search for the pain as her mind still believes the pain is still there.  She listened and walked back behind the deli counter.  At that moment, she started to say out loud in front of all the customers and co-workers, “I can move my arm, I can move my back, it doesn’t hurt and I feel so calm.”  She thanked me and I told her it was my pleasure. Then all the customers want to ask questions, but I can see them holding back. There is nothing better than having one of these unexpected encounters. There are no coincidences!  I think these moments serve to give strength to the energetic healer, the person receiving the energy and all those who witness it.  If we could just simply live our lives caring for those around us instead of being on the defense or worse, not communicating at all, the world would most certainly be a better place.

My words to you today are to be mindful and aware.  We are at such a special time in the history of mankind and we need to elevate ourselves to higher levels of compassion and love for our world, the animals, and for the living spirit inside each of us.  If we are all one, aren’t you helping yourself by helping another?  Think about it and try to do just one good deed a day.  Imagine if the billions of us did this on a daily basis.  We would experience positive world change almost immediately.  May the light of ease, harmony and contentment be ever present in your life.  Namaste perfect souls.  You are loved and cherished!

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