Give Love for the Holidays

Give Love for the Holiday

Give Love For The Holidays

Remember to be especially understanding and loving during the holidays. For many of us it is the time we spend with friends and family, often people we don’t see on a regular basis. This is your opportunity to set a positive tone for the year to come. So when Uncle/Aunt Annoying or Cousin/In-Law Doofy do the same thing that has annoyed you for the past decade(s), embrace it with love. Look past the normal landscape of life you have become accustomed to and pick out the beauty you may normally take for granted.  Take that opportunity to show them you are there for them and that your love and support supersedes your knee jerk reactions. Your kindness may be the only support they receive for weeks or even months.  Be the light you wish to see in others! Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.

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