Moving forward with a Praying Mantis

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Moving forward with a Praying Mantis

A couple of days ago I was running out to have dinner with my family.  Just before we left, I walked into the backyard for no apparent reason, at least none of which I was aware.  As I stepped outside I noticed this rather odd looking insect trying to make its way across the recently cleaned and waxed hood of my daughter’s car.   The insect, which I believe is one of over 2,000 species of praying mantis appeared to be having a hard time walking as it hesitantly moved across the hood, stopped to get its balance and then continued moving towards some invisible destination.

As I stood there watching it, I asked myself, what the heck is that?  It looked like a praying mantis, but never had I seen such a big wide back which turned up towards the sky on any praying mantis before.  I had seen many pictures of pregnant praying mantis, but nothing looked like this. I could still see the difficult time it had walking on the smooth paint, so I placed my hand in front of it so it could climb aboard.

The praying mantis stopped its movement immediately and just froze in position.  It was then that it occurred to me I should share healing energy with it so it would know I was here to help.  I’m realizing healing energy which has love and joy as part of its components is a universal language.  That might be the most important and profound sentence of this post!  I focused my energy in the form of love for this creature and said in my mind, “It’s OK, I’m here to help you.  Get on my hand and I will move you off this car and onto a tree.”  I couldn’t believe it, but just after I shared about 5 seconds of energy and my message with my new friend, she stood up on her back legs, stepped forward and climbed right up onto my fingertips.  She actually looked back at me before we started to walk together towards the tree.  Prior to the sharing of the energy, she didn’t want to get any closer to my hand.  Then, when we arrived at the tree, the praying mantis hesitated to leave my hand.  In my mind and out loud I said, “It’s OK, you’ll be much safer on this tree”.  Right then and there, she stepped off me and onto the tree, but didn’t move.  So I thought again and said, “You’re fine, just go and live.”  And can you believe she started climbing right up that tree, at that very moment?

In the years leading up to the discovery of my healing and psychic abilities, unexplained phenomena occurred.  Too many coincidences way too often, a mass illusion of a bee hive at a park, knowing things that then happened days or weeks later and even a visitation from a recent dearly departed friend told me something was happening.  These occurrences opened my mind to the possibilities that there was more to life than meets the eye.  You know you’re special and that you have a specific purpose in life unique to you, but finding it and then acting upon it can be the most difficult thing you do in your lifetime.  Change is coming for all, and for many it has already made its visit.  Embrace that loving voice you hear inside yourself.  You are not weak, but strong for listening to and following it.  We are each a piece of the divine plan which has nothing to do with religion, but more of a spiritual knowledge and higher understanding.  This is what I mean when I refer to the concept of vibrating at a higher frequency.  It’s about the entire totality of mankind and the universe around us that conspires to help us along our path. We are in extraordinary times, often getting aid from beyond.  Now is the time to embrace what you truly know is right in your heart.  Make the best choices and do what is required of you as soon as you can, so you will come to experience a state of ease and contentment you never knew existed inside you.  Yes, there is often pain along your path, but without pain, you do not grow.  That is extremely important to understand.  Take your pain and make it a driving force to move forward and by doing so, you conquer it.  By facing your pain, it can no longer harm you therefore freeing you up to love and be content.

Maybe I only helped a praying mantis this week, but was the knowledge gained through that experience what I needed to graduate to my next level of love, joy, ease and consciousness?  Did that praying mantis inspire me to write this, hopefully inspiring you?  Moving forward is moving forward, no matter how large or small the steps.  Appreciate all your experiences, no matter their perceived importance as you are the sum total of all your experiences.

Energetically sending you warmth, joy and support!    May you feel them in your heart and soul!

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