There Are No Coincidences, Just Miracles

Organite Pyramid

There Are No Coincidences, Just Miracles

I had the pleasure of speaking with a fellow healer, energy user, psychic, etc. today.  They are searching to connect the dots of their life and I am but one of many persons they have reached out to.  We had so many similarities, even our birth date was one day apart and we’re the same exact age.   In any event, we discussed many aspects of healing and connecting with greater source.  Conversations like these take on a life of their own so what was supposed to be a one hour discussion turned out to be a 2 hour and 26 minute conversation.  I don’t know about each of you, but I am extremely numerically inclined.  Numbers have always made sense to me.  Two and six are my numbers, so having the call last exactly 2:26 made me stop and think.

There are no coincidences in life!  I actually said that to the person with whom I was speaking.  It’s so true.  I was explaining that in order to open up to your greater self and that of the universe you have to start noticing the small miracles occurring around you each and every day.  By noticing them and being mindful of them, you open further to see even more miracles and the string of connectivity between all things.  They then shared a story about going back to the location where the Metaphysical and Artisan Fair occurred in La Crescenta, CA to pick up a raffle prize they won.  It was at this event that we met one another.  They described the object they won, a pyramid.  So I asked if it was a clear pyramid with crystals and metal and a piece of wound copper wire in a clear hard epoxy.  Indeed it was which gave me the opportunity to point out it is an organite pyramid.  (I too received one last year from a vendor at the fair as a thank you gift after healing that vendors mouth pain from oral surgery they underwent a week or so before. )  The person told me they then placed the organite where they had pain and they had not felt pain all day in that area of their body.  So, after ending our conversation, I took my organite pyramid and placed it on my back where I have been experiencing pain and the pain was gone.   I actually expected to still feel the pain, but had to search for it and it had dissipated.

The reason I am sharing this in reference to coincidence is because I was going to end the conversation a few minutes earlier, but the person wanted to share this final experience with me thus allowing me to benefit from their experience.  Had we not continued the conversation to its natural conclusion, that knowledge would have never been passed on to me.  I’ve had that organite pyramid sitting on the floor next to my bed for over eight months and never once touched it to my body.  There are no coincidences as everything happens for a reason and with purpose.  Think of that the next time you say to yourself, “What a wild coincidence”.

If you are experiencing coincidences, unexplained phenomena or simply have more questions than answers; consider reaching out to an energy worker, light worker, healer or spiritual mentor who can help you traverse the wonders of your mind, the world and the universe.  It will enrich the quality of your life in ways you never imagined.  Be open, be loving, and be you!  Namaste amazing beings.

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