The Power of Living in the Present Moment


I was thinking about what topic I could write about that would positively affect you, the reader.  Then I thought about a recent introductory call I had with a person this week as well as a new client with whom I started working.  Without sharing anything about who these people are, as I always protect my clients and potential client’s privacy, I thought I would share with you.

Often, I receive emails from people stating they are unhappy, under extreme pressure to earn money, exhausted, depressed, lost and most often have some sort of physical pain.  The one thing they all have in common is self-destructive habits.  They have the habit of playing over traumatic experiences from the past.  They have the habit of worrying about the future, most often a future that never comes.   They work themselves into a complete frenzy, and destroy their ability to think logically and function as well as they once did.  When we’re unhappy, as humans we tend to feed into that unhappy state.

When one replays traumatic experiences from the past, they are reliving that experience.  All the pain, hurt, anger and sorrow from that experience is literally brought back to life most often accompanied with physical pain.  However, these people never associate the pain with the experience.  That is, they never connect the trauma from the past as a cause of pain in their life today.  Then, like many of us do, they continue to share their tales of woe with different people, again and again.  They literally are caught in a spiral of sharing their pain and reliving it, all the while thinking their sharing with others will make them feel better.  This simply does not work, but luckily the solution is simple too.  STOP TELLING YOUR OLD TALES OF WOE!  If a past experience was painful, how can one ever get over it by constantly reliving it?  Leave it in the past where it is and allow yourself the time to heal your wounds.  We’re all wounded in some manner.  Simply accept the traumatic experience occurred, let it sit with you for a day or so and then let it go.  When you find yourself thinking about it or ready to share it again, stop and remind yourself that it happened and it’s over.  You have too many good things in your life on which to focus . FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE!

The next thing I see these same people do is worry about the future.  I ask all my clients the following question: “Have you ever worried about something in the future where the “worry” helped that future situation?”  Most answer “No” immediately; some take time to ponder the question.  WORRY HELPS NOTHING.  Worry may cause you to take action to prevent something from happening, but now we are taking action which helps us.  The worry itself simply serves to paralyze us and cloud our mind.

the-power-of-now Eckhart Tolle

So, how does one stop worrying about the future?  The answer is quite ingenious and is expertly explained in the book THE POWER OF NOW written by modern day sage Eckhart Tolle.  This is the only book I suggest to my clients with exception of the other book mentioned in my last blog post.  What Mr. Tolle says is this; YOU MUST CONNECT THE PRESENT AND FUTURE TOGETHER!  What he means is you must live in the NOW only; live in the present moment and only be present and aware in this moment.  Take a look at this present moment.  You are alive, you have food in your home, you have a place to live, you are reading this article from a computer or mobile device, you are basically content in the present moment.  However, the second you find your mind drifting to the future, thinking of everything you have to do and all those future challenges, you get overwhelmed.   Why do you get overwhelmed? Because you are starting to worry about the future. STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE FUTURE BY LIVING IN THE NOW, THE PRESENT MOMENT!

Quick reminder of how to remain content:

Stay in the present moment!

Do not share or focus on painful stories from the past!

When thinking of a future that scares you, stop and live in the present moment.  Live in the NOW.

You are not running away from the future, you are simply waiting for it to become the NOW at which time you can deal with it more simply and succinctly.  There is nothing wrong with planning ahead, just don’t worry. Allow the planning to be the start of your taking action. 

This combined with a simple meditation plan will bring positive change into your life where you are 100% in control.  I understand to some this is a very simple concept while to others it seems nearly impossible.  I encourage you to reach out to me so I can better address these concepts by relating them to your particular situation.

I should share both the client and potential client felt much better after our conversations and no energy work was practiced.  The words served as nourishment for the mind and soul thereby addressing each aspect of those individuals’ personal needs.

May you be happy, healthy and secure today and all days moving forward!

Namaste dear souls!


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