A Special Gift for You – The Gift of Peace of Mind


Holiday Gift from CA
I find it interesting that the picture I chose with beautiful clouds and a marvelous sunset is somewhat offset by the sign stating No Stopping Anytime….How apropos for this post! :-)


A Special Gift for You – The Gift of Peace of Mind

I really wanted to give you a special gift today.  After all, you’re taking the time to read this, so let’s make sure you get the most out of it.  First off, “Happy holidays!” No matter what holiday you celebrate, everyone loves a good gift.  So from the bottom of my heart, and shared with love, here is my gift to you; the gift of peace of mind.

I have come to realize that so many people never quiet their mind in their entire life.  That constant barrage of thoughts, worry, aggravation and background chatter can literally make one insane and very depressed.  It is my duty to share lessons and techniques that have been shared with me through energetic channels of communication.  I teach this method of clearing the mind to all my clients and then walk them through a breathing and meditation lesson after.  One cannot truly meditate with a cluttered mind.  Trying to meditate in such a mental state will only lead to an overload of thoughts erroneously leading the person to believe they cannot meditate.  Many of my clients have stated similar doubts, but all were able to perform the visualization I am about to share.

Let’s first get you in the right physical state.  Go find a private place where you can be alone and sit comfortably.  If you live in a small apartment with five other people, go lock yourself in the bathroom or walk to your nearest park or a place where you can be alone.  Next it’s important that you can sit comfortably, but not too comfortable that you fall asleep.  Keep your mind sharp and alert.  Now, touch the tip of your thumb to your index finger and middle finger at the same time. All three fingers should be touching while the ring finger and pinky are uninvolved. Do this with both hands. This connection in the fingers sparks an electrical impulse in the body as we are electrical beings.  Our bodies create electrical current; interestingly it is quite strong in the heart, the place where we derive our energetic connection to spirit.  In past posts I have mentioned the key to vibrating at higher frequencies is to feel love and joy in your heart.  I find it more than a “coincidence” that the location where we derive divine connection also contains electrical energy.

Now, this next part you must visualize.  Sure, it’s a lot easier when I am sitting next to you telling you what to do, but for your situation read my explanation first, then close your eyes and perform the visualization of it.  If you find that too difficult to do, read out loud the description below into your phone or recorder and play it back to yourself with your eyes closed and three fingers touching.

“Picture yourself floating 50.000 feet above the earth in big, fluffy beautiful clouds.  There is nothing there with you; just you and the clouds.  You feel light, then weightless as you float in the clouds.  As you float there, you see a large box in front of you that is one hundred feet wide, deep and long. The box is made of steel five feet thick on every wall and there is a trap door at the top that only you can open and close.”

“Now visualize every person you know on the face of this earth and place them into the box.  This means everyone; loved ones, friends, relatives, people you may not like and everyone in between. Open the trap door and put them all in the box!  Now…when you’re ready, take every thought and idea you have, pull them out of yourself and throw them into the box!  Finally, take every unwanted emotion you feel, pull it out of yourself and throw it into the box.  You should now be completely free of thoughts, emotion and clutter.  If anything remains, throw it in the box.  On a few occasions I have been told a client filled the box. Well guess what?  You have an unlimited amount of boxes! Now, close the trap door and simply release the box, watching it fall away from you taking with it any thoughts of people, ideas or emotions.  Sit there with your eyes closed focusing on the emptiness, appreciating the feeling of calmness and ease in your mind

Some people cannot keep this state of nothingness in their minds, so for those of you who are having difficulty, I suggest you picture the smallest object you can picture and keep in your mind consistently.  It could be for example a grain of sand, a blade of grass or a marble; just make it something very small with few to no features. From this point you can move into a meditation routine of your choosing or write me if you want me to share the one I use. The key thing I advocate in a meditation is a 100% clear mind accompanied by long deep breaths in and out with extreme focus on how the breath feels at is enters and leaves your body. Be mindful of where the breath goes in your body.  Then visualize the in-breath as it is accompanied by light and healing energy going to all your cells filling your entire being with light.  Visualize the out-breath as taking out dark energy and unwanted feelings of sickness and imbalance.

I hope you find these visualizations useful and if you truly wish to see positive change in your life, practice them daily in the morning and evening. You should attempt to breathe and meditate for up to 20 minutes per session with a completely clear mind.  If done properly, this could be the best gift you have ever received.  I hope it is!

I would truly love to hear your feedback on how it worked for you.  Feel free to comment here or on my Facebook page Light Soul Energy .

May you be happy, content and living a life of ease in the “NOW”.

With Love,


P.S. If you find yourself unable to stop worrying, please contact me as I can easily educate you in a thought process that will allow you to stop all that unnecessary worry.  Worry helps nothing, taking action helps everything.  Take action and help yourself!  It hurts me to know people are torturing themselves with no understanding of how to stop.

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