Surrendering to the Synchronicity of Life

Surrendering to the Synchronicity of Life

Surrendering to the Synchronicity of Life…

I’ve noticed something occurring in my life with ever increasing frequency.  Whenever I have an appointment or a task I simply don’t feel like doing at the scheduled time, someone or something will reschedule it for me at a more convenient time.  I’ll have an appointment, much like the one I had recently set for 4:30pm.  At 4:15pm I finally finished everything I had to do that day except shower after golfing and only left myself with 15 minutes of free time before my client arrived.  I never thought about changing the appointment, yet the most perfect moment presented itself.  As I walked into the house with my mobile phone in hand, the 4:30pm client called me and asked if we could move the appointment to 90 minutes later.  I of course replied, “No problem”.  Now I had time to shower and calm my mind to prepare for their arrival.  This convenient time rescheduling is happening quite often .

Why is it occurring? I have found the more one is connected to the universe and is consciously aware of that connection, and that individual allows the universe/spirit guides to take over, then they make a better choice for us than we could ourselves.   This is the key to understanding the expression of surrendering oneself to G-d, divinity, the universe or whatever omnipotent power in which you believe.   This letting go and loving all things allows you to vibrate at a higher frequency which should be your ultimate goal in this lifetime.

You have to be in a very free state of mind, completely living in the present moment with all your being.  I refer to this concept as living in the now ala Eckhart Tolle.  If your mind is wandering, playing over painful events from the past, worrying about the future, or simply absent from what is going on right in front of you, then you are NOT living in the NOW. You may ask, how do I live in the NOW?  To start, I suggest you begin to observe what you call coincidences.  Notice how often they happen and note them.  Do not let a coincidence pass you by without participating in it.  One might think that’s an odd statement, but when a “coincidence” occurs, look at it and question it.  Why did it occur?  When you bump into someone you know or recently met, you call it a coincidence.  Did you impart information to the other party?  Did they impart information to you?  Then the next thing to do is to realize those coincidences are not coincidences, but they are small miracles happening in your every day life.  There is a synchronicity to the world/universe that will happen in your life if you allow it to and don’t fight it.  Trying to control your life and everything around you is the definition of fighting that synchronicity.  You have to surrender to it.  How do you surrender to it?  Live in the present moment and do it with love and joy.  I recently spoke with a person who is in Alcoholics Anonymous and they said they were instructed to simply look down at their shoes to stay in the present moment.  A client of mine confirmed it worked for him as well.  Try it!

Another method in which you can vibrate at a higher frequency is to give of yourself freely with no expectation of receiving anything in return.  I recently did this by working with a client who could not afford to pay me, this weekend.  Immediately after, two paying clients appeared out of nowhere and each visited with me this week.  I did not help the first person with the expectation of receiving anything in return, I did it for my love of mankind and wish to help any and all souls which are in pain or are lost.  The synchronicity of life is simply beautiful.

If you’d like to learn more about manifesting your destiny and getting off your path of pain and onto your path of ease, please feel free to reach out with questions.  It is always my honor and pleasure to help. Namaste dear souls!

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