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"It has been my honor and privilege to serve these wonderful individuals and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their sincere appreciation."

My single session with Joseph Feldman was like several sessions with a therapist, energy healer and spiritual guide. He integrates all these practices seamlessly. He also gave me effective tools to break negative patterns and build positive ones to help me to reach my potential. These tools have been simple to incorporate into my daily life and after a couple of weeks I have already seen results.

Joseph is very dedicated to helping the whole person. I felt one of his strongest gifts was the ability communicate clearly, directly and effectively to all aspects of my person. I know for me that’s usually how new positive patterns take hold; when my mind, body and heart/soul are all in alignment. Joseph is a generous healer and guide.
- Susan M

A friend told me about Joe and nagged me for about a week to call him. BEST decision I ever made!! I was so nervous when we met and he made me feel so welcome and comfortable while guiding me through some things that were very hard for me to do. He was very gentle and let me go at my own pace, but he already knew I would need that! I left feeling so at peace with everything in life that I had been struggling to let go of. I also feel like I was given the tools to help continue to heal myself. It was a truly wonderful and life changing experience. I can't wait to see him again!
- Paige Johnson

I couldn't sleep one night and I was feeling troubled so I decided to seek a spiritual guide. I stumbled upon Joseph's ad at 3 am and wrote him an email and he responded first thing in the morning. Instantly, via email, I felt a connection with him. We spoke a couple days later and he made me feel so at ease! I knew he was who I was looking for. Our first session was absolutely amazing. The moment he touched my forehead, I could feel his energy vibrating through me. I knew in that instant that he was the real deal. The only word I can use to describe the energy therapy / chakra cleansing would be BEAUTIFUL. He talked me through everything and was so supportive and understanding to me and my needs. I can never thank him enough for the peace and clarity he has given me. I have all the tools I need to thrive and live a beautiful life!

Thank you Joseph, for everything you are and everything you do. You are a beautiful soul & I am blessed to have found you.
–Jessica Trujillo

I had the opportunity and privilege of taking the basic IET course with Joseph Feldman last weekend. The class was a wonderful awakening experience. I was able to make a spiritual connection in which I have been reflecting upon all week. Joe was a kind and patient teacher and provided me such personalized training. I am so very thankful to have had this experience and highly recommend Joe and IET training. I am excited to continue my training and personal growth and to develop a greater ability to be a natural conduit for healing.
-Barbara Changala  

"I've known Joe as a personal friend and fellow golfer for many years now, but did not discover his healing powers till more recently. One day after playing golf I happened to pull my lower back muscle while sitting and enjoying our after round drinks. Joe offered to help immediately and I was skeptical, but I was in pain and had nothing to lose. So I lay there flat on my belly as instructed and he began by rubbing his palms together then proceeded to place them directly onto my source of pain - without being instructed where it exactly was. He proceeded to rub the area lightly for less than a minute or so and lo and behold my pain had seemingly vanished! I've seen many specialists in my time so I have a fair basis for comparison and will admit that was the quickest and most effective treatment ever. Obviously this was a strange experience since no one had ever cured me that quickly! I can't explain how he did it but he did. I intend to give Joe another shot at proving himself again so I can write a follow up testimony. Meanwhile knock-on-wood I haven't pulled my back since."
– Jim Azama

Thank you Joe for your generous gift of a free reading. It was insightful and gave me a great deal to think about. I have my notes & will follow through on the tasks you have given to me. It was fun talking to you. Thanks for the laughs & bringing me my grandmother to say 'Hello'.
Much appreciated.
- Jeanne Marie

"I wanted to formerly send you a thank you for my Integrated Energy Therapy session with you and give you some feedback on what transpired. The experience was quite beneficial and extremely calming. You were extremely professional and I really appreciated you explaining what would or might take place during my session. Your explanation and overall understanding of the IET along with your skillful technique certainly showed that you are gifted and well trained in your profession and I felt completely safe in your hands. As you placed your hands on and explained each Chakra, the heat and calming effects of your hands helped to clear out any negative energy I was holding on to. By the time the session was over and you demonstrated with skill and perfection the positive affect IET can have on one's body and mind, I knew I had been touched by a master healer in tune with his gift and calling. The session ended with me feeling calmer, more centered and balanced than when we began. Thanks again for my successful IET session and I look forward to having another one with you."
­- Sharlene

I just had to write and thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me. The experience was extraordinary and I felt so amazingly relaxed and serene during and after the session from over 2,400 miles away! I saw many beautiful, vivid colors during the healing, and felt exactly where your intention was to touch me. I experienced a tremendous release of emotional pain and felt so calm for days after. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was as if God had touched me and stayed with me. Then, when I saw you a week ago in Arizona, I was still amazed how you actually removed ALL the pain from my body, especially the painful sciatica I had running down my right leg. My leg is still pain free. I can’t wait for our next session; it’s like a religious experience for me.
Thank you for being you!
Most Sincerely,
­- Arlene R./Virginia

I have to be honest, when you came in to remove my migraine I didn’t think there was a thing you could do. Then you started working on me by pulling out what I can only guess was pain or bad energy from just above my shoulder blades with your thumbs pressed hard against my back. I could actually feel the pain and pressure draining out of me. I recall you asking me how I felt and I said, “better and thank you”. Then you insisted that you were not done working on me so I stayed put and let you do some more work. I am so glad you insisted on finishing what you had started. As you placed your hands on my forehead and back of my neck, I could feel the heat coming out of your hands like hot plates. Then amazingly, as you lifted your hands away, my migraine was gone. My eyes opened wide and I had so much energy, I went and cleaned the house. Prior to your arriving, I was hiding in darkness under the covers in my bed. I cannot explain how you did it, but thank you for taking away my migraine. I haven’t had one since. I am looking forward to our future sessions together.
­ - Andrea F./Los Angeles, California

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