The Bug Tale

The Bug Tale
It’s time to start sharing the wonderful events experienced on the road trip with my daughter last week. I’m going to call this the bug tale. On the last night of our trip we stopped and stayed in Sedona, AZ. It’s a magical place. So much so that I texted my wife that night to say I want to move there when our daughter graduates high school next year. Who knows if we’ll actually make the move, but that is how much I loved it there.
So, I’m sitting out on the balcony enjoying the evening when I look down and see this bug which looks like a cool striped beetle walking in a three foot circle over and over again. As I watch it looks like something is wrong with it. It even knocked itself onto it’s own back unable to get turned right side up. So at one point I helped it and came as close as it had all night. I’ve included pictures of each event with this post. The picture of it in front of my shoe is the moment it came the closest to me after I helped it.
Bug Near
Then it repeats its previous pattern of walking in that same three foot circle. I watch it do this several times before the idea to share healing energy with it just pops into my head. So I place my hand over the beetle and share energy with it for about 10-15 seconds. Then something amazing happened. That little guy walks right between my feet, I’m amazed because it hasn’t come that close to me all night. Then it continues to go under my shoe at which point I lifted my foot to allow it to continue. It just stopped and stayed as close as possible. I have to reiterate the fact that I was sitting out there for at least twenty minutes watching it walk in circles. It wasn’t until I shared energy with it that it felt comfortable enough to come sit by me.
Bug ApproachingBug Contact
Friends, we’re in a very special time in the universe and the history of mankind. We live in special times and we shape the future that is coming! It may not seem important to you, but you are of amazing importance to these changes. Be aware of your emotions and connections. Use that which is inside you to feel love and joy, ease and contentment. Only you can do this for yourself, but by doing so you will literally effect the chemistry of the world around you in a positive manner. Like the bug on the balcony, you can simply dismiss it, or engage it with love and support.

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