The Power of Hope

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The Power of Hope

Few things in this world are as important as hope.  Hope is what drives us, keeps us motivated and even sparks creativity.  Without hope, getting through the next hour or even the day becomes too difficult a task.

There is something happening now on earth.  People are losing hope.  I have received more calls, scheduled numerous appointments and accepted more 30 minute free introductory conversations than ever before.  The underlying issue of each potential client who has contacted me is their loss of hope in their lives.  In past posts I have addressed how difficult life has become; particularly earning an income that can actually support a desired lifestyle.  You may recall me stating, “Nowadays, you have to be extraordinary to be ordinary”.  In times of economic hardship, you have to look inward and appreciate what you have, and not what is lacking.  Focus on the moment in which you are living and stop worrying about the future.  If you act accordingly now, your worry will diminish about the future. We lose hope when we get sick, are in pain, or have been trying a long time at accomplishing something to no avail.

So, the big questions is, how do I get my hope back?  How do I ignite the flame inside me so I can move forward?  Well, the first step is to admit you have lost your hope.  Denying your reality will only slow or stop your healing process. The next aspect is to realize your hope is about the future.  Eckhart Tolle (a modern day sage) teaches us about living in the “now”.  He does this because it is our human impulse to worry about the future. He addresses self-imposed worry quite well offering solutions to your self-created torture.  Please go back and read my earlier post named The Power of Living in the Present Moment or click here.

Pick up the book The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle.

I have been successfully getting people back on track.  It takes love, support, energy and a great deal of dialogue with clients.  With that said, I am truly amazed at the results and how quickly people turn around their attitudes from one of hopelessness to one of positive belief in themselves.

If you have lost your hope, I’m here to share that you can get it back.  First, admit you have an issue that you cannot solve alone and then reach out for help.  One of the first things I do with each of my clients during a session is to commend them for showing up.  You would be amazed how many people admit they have an issue, cannot solve it themselves and then fail to follow through on any action to make it better.  That is a fear based mentality that drives hope into darkness.  It may seem like I am promoting myself, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Any true healer knows their power comes from their love and compassion for others.  I actually find it difficult to be around people in pain without offering a solution or simply healing them with energy.  I’m promoting all healing modalities.  Try something, try anything, but try something you have never done before.  The world is changing faster than humans can comprehend. Accompanied with those changes is the need for a new set of thought principles.  How many of you reading this post realize that emotional, mental and spiritual trauma actually physically wind up those experiences in your body causing you pain?  I have proved it to be true with all of my clients.   Every client thinks they are in physical pain and can tell me exactly when it started.  After reviewing their history, we always trace it back to a traumatic event or a series of events.

Hope is always there.  You just have to believe it, hold onto it, value it, and work towards your goals.  Life is like a sine wave; sometimes you’re up and other times you’re down, but you are always on your path.  Cherish the journey.

Namaste dear souls!

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