Understanding the “Down” Times in Our Lives

Down Time Article


Understanding the “Down” Times in Our Lives

It’s been a while since I posted to my healing website and social media accounts.  The reason why?  I have been completely focused on working a regular 9-5 job.  But even during these down times when I am not healing people, I still learn.  The job is going great by the way!

I have learned the down times come by design so we can rest and recharge.  I teach this principle to my clients as many come to me “down” or depressed.  It seems easier for them to deal with the down times when I share that all people go through them on a regular basis, but few actually verbalize their experience.   We all tend to think we’re going through something alone and no one can understand our situation.  In reality, if you share your experience you will more often be surprised to hear others have or are experiencing exactly what you have described.

Interestingly, I continue to observe the lack of clients and people contacting me as perfect for the time in which I presently live.  I’m working hard and have little free time.  I know I do not have time to heal as often as I once did, but I miss the process.  What truly surprises me is the moment I notice I’m not being contacted, I ask the universe to send me clients and they appear out of nowhere, or so I think.  This week in fact I had two different people schedule with me with no prior notice.  Over the weekend I had been thinking about the slow down in my healing practice and said out loud, “Angels, Spirits and Powers that be, thank you for bringing me healing clients,” already knowing the words I put into the universe would receive a reply.  Sure enough I had a client schedule for Monday and another scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday. Before that, I’ve seen weeks without a client.

Why am I sharing this with you?  I share this because we all go through down times when everything isn’t flowing as we wish.  One could choose to be depressed about it, or one could choose to savor the lower activity levels, rest and rejuvenate with the knowledge that busier times are coming.

In other words, it’s up to you how you view each moment of your existence and how you choose to react to each and every experience in your amazing life.  You can choose to be mad, angry, afraid and simply depressed or you can choose to be happy, content, at ease and live each day with love and joy in your heart.  Is it easy?  Not at first.  However, once you decide to feel better it will become easier from that first moment you make a conscious decision to be happy and act upon it.  I was depressed for seven years as I battled forces beyond my control and I am now extremely happy living a life of mental ease.  How did I do it?  I surrendered to the universe and sought help everywhere I could get it.  I was not shy about feeling depressed; I shared it openly trying so desperately to find a glimmer of light.  In the beginning, I did not realize I was going through depression.

Then, over four years ago I was touched by a healer who removed my neck and back pain in two weeks.  During my visits, I was told I was a healer and asked if I knew so.  I answered yes, but all I truly knew was that unexplained phenomena occurred around me quite often throughout my life.  I started healing people in supermarkets, over the phone and even at golfing events.  That’s when a friend pointed out to me that strangers were walking up to me complaining of pain and I would heal them.  I then learned he would go and ask them why they walked up to me.  Their replies which he shared with me were, they had no idea why but knew I could help.

You see, the truth resides in all of our hearts.  You simply just know it because you feel it.   I cannot tell you how many people have denied the insights I have shared with them only to turn around shortly after and admit I was correct, but they weren’t ready to face their own truths.

So, my loving advice to you is to face your fears, face your demons and make the conscious choice to be at ease.  If you don’t know how to, go online and research energy healers, mediums and the like to find a person with whom you resonate.  Pick the person you “feel” most comfortable with and search your feelings to see if you just simply know they are the right person for you.

You cannot put a price on happiness, but I’ve seen more people spend their money on drugs, alcohol and physical items chasing an intangible goal they can never achieve.  Instead of investing in the most precious commodity they can have, “loving themselves”; they are constantly looking in all the wrong places for peace.  The only place one will discover peace is by looking inward, not outward.

If interested, I do offer free 30 minute introductory phone discussions and to be honest, I give more than just the thirty minutes.  More importantly, my clients are armed with the mental, emotional and spiritual tools necessary to find and maintain an amazing life experience.   If you wish to contact me and schedule a 30 minute free phone discussion, please click this link which takes you to the appropriate page of the light Soul Energy website:  http://lightsoulenergy.com/wp/aboutus/

Even after writing all this, I’m not 100% sure why I wrote it.  That’s because spirit speaks to me knowing what you need to see and hear.  I wrote this for you, yes you…the reader of this article, but I was guided by that which knows better than we do.  So please reach out, and let’s get you where you truly deserve to be; happy and content, living a life of mental and emotional ease.   The best part is you will be in less physical pain than you ever imagined was possible.

Namaste dear souls!


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